Diploma (Internship)

Starts Feb 2018 (2nd Year, Duration 1 Year) 120 Credits, NZQA Level 5
Domestic Fee (2018 TBC)
International Fee (2018 TBC)

You will learn:


  • Leadership theory & effective practice
  • How to understand and interpret the Bible accurately
  • Theological view-points


  • How to strengthen your Character
  • How to build stronger spiritual disciplines
  • How to develop a greater awareness of God’s call


  • How to lead teams and departments
  • How to manage projects
  • Effective ministry skills

How it works:

  • Typical week: 16-20 hours practical ministry
  • Independent study of academic material
  • Block course teaching from significant ministry leaders
  • Serving across Sunday services
  • Key roles in Conferences and Events • Lead teams