Creative Lab is the creative arts stream of Equippers College. It is designed to train you in the creative arts through specialty lessons, industry disciplines and spiritual discipleship. Creative Lab will equip you for life as a creative artist through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Our dream has always been to train Christians in the creative arts to a standard that is world class, but with character that is heaven class! We believe that a Christian artist should be a Christian first and an artist second. We want to teach people that your greatest communication tool is your life, not your gift - and the key to excellence in both is God! Couple that with individual mentoring and the environment of a local Church that is strong in pastoral care and vision, Creative Lab will be a year that will set you up for the rest of your life.
— Pastor Wayne Huirua







Award Winning Recording Artist, Senior Pastor Hope Unlimited Church, NSW, Australia

“I have known Wayne and Libby huirua for many years, both as leaders and as friends, and their heart for God, for worship and for training and discipling young creatives qualifies the platform they lead from. I highly recommend Equippers Creative lab and I’m excited to see what God is going to do in the nation of New Zealand, and beyond, as young people take up the charge to get equipped and trained in the creative arts.”



Recording Artist, Producer/Engineer, Nashville, TN, USA

“I am pumped about Equippers Creative Lab. I’ve known Equippers Church and Wayne and Libby for years, and am excited to see God pour into the next generation, with trusted ministers, under the covering of such a great local church. Highly recommend!”



Keyboardist for Marcus Miller Band

“I would recommend Creative Lab to every young aspiring musician. I wish I had this opportunity coming up as an early player. Creative Lab teaches you not only how to be a total musician but also how to be a complete person in Christ. My time with Creative Lab was life changing! Wayne and Libby truly exemplify the heart of worship.”